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Why TFI’s Industry Classes are Worth It

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Chloe Sutherland

Alongside the various opportunities that The Fashion Institute provides for students, the Industry Classes are one of the best ways to gain extra insight into the fashion industry. The Industry Classes are digital classes that are presented by some of the industry’s leading faces, working for brands such as General Pants, Bec + Bridge, Auguste The Label, Louis Vuitton, Grazia, and Vogue. Every class is run by an industry expert and focuses on a different part of the fashion industry, these include Branding, Buying, Event Management, Journalism, Marketing, Social Media, Styling, and Visual Merchandising. There are 20 Industry Classes to complete before you are awarded with The Fashion Institute’s non-accredited certificate in ‘Fashion Fundamentals’. These classes are an extra-curricular activity offered to students studying the Diploma of Business.

Fortunately, I have met so many inspiring men and women through my industry classes. The Industry Classes are incredibly important in giving students an understanding of every part of the fashion industry, they’re also great if you’re not too sure about what career path you want to continue on after studying at TFI. My personal favourite classes were Fashion Branding, where I was taught by the Digital Brand Manager at Vogue Australia and Vogue Living, and the Brand Manager at Bec + Bridge. I also really benefited from the Marketing Industry Classes, which were held by the Head of Marketing at Auguste The Label, and the Head of Marketing at Wrangler, as marketing is the career path I wish to pursue after my studies.

The best advice I’ve received from my industry classes is to be proactive in all aspects of your career, whether that’s interning, studying, gaining a job, or networking. Almost all of my teachers would reiterate that they respect interns and future employees for reaching out to them personally. And once you land that dream job, work for it!

Go above and beyond and be proactive in your decisions (organisation also helps a lot with this). After being in classes with 20 industry professionals, my next steps in the fashion industry won’t be as daunting as I now have so much extra knowledge and know some industry tips and tricks.

If you’re a prospective student or a current student at The Fashion Institute, take advantage of the Industry Classes! Gaining knowledge and insight into the fashion industry is such an advantage when it comes to setting yourself on your dream career path and for future growth. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either, the teaching experts are genuinely wanting us to get us much out of the classes as we possibly can. The certificate in ‘Fashion Fundamentals’ is a perfect addition to any fashion student’s resume and once again it shows that you’ve been proactive in your studies, which is a bonus for any future employer. Learning can be exciting when it’s about a subject that you’re really passionate about, and as fashion students, there’s not a more engaging way of learning than through the Industry classes at The Fashion Institute.

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