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The Story of Frank Body

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Mia Alafaci

Recently, The Fashion Institute students were given the amazing opportunity to have a Zoom call with the co-founder of the iconic skincare company Frank Body, Jess Hatzis. Although the ability to have this meeting in person couldn’t occur (due to COVID-19 restrictions), students were still able to gain insight via a good old laptop and a pair of headphones. Luckily, the Zoom call was able to be held during classes at The Fashion Institute campus so all students were able to participate together.

Being able to gain such insight into the creation of Frank Body is an amazing opportunity that all students are undoubtedly grateful for. Especially for students who want to or are in the beginning process of creating a company/small business. Jess’ story is one that proves that you can do anything when you put your mind to it.

Frank Body is an Australia skincare company that launched in 2013, when five friends approached a coffee shop owner, looking for leftover coffee grounds they could use. The founders were sitting and drinking coffee, when the idea came to mind; coffee grounds used to exfoliate skin!

The group with $5000, aggressive social media marketing, word of mouth and hard work were able to turn coffee grounds into a multimillion-dollar company. Being cruelty free, all natural and Aussie Made has led to a massive and ever-growing fan base.

What makes this brand so special is the brand identity; Frank. The persona known as Frank, is a seductive and inclusive character, who's voice is one that is quite cheeky. The product packaging’s often display “Frank’s” cheeky sayings such as, “Getting dirty has never felt so good.”

Frank Body’s global success is evident in the international locations that the brand is sold. Products are stocked in Australia, United Kingdom, America, Europe and Southeast Asia, including renowned Beauty Stores Mecca Maxima, Ulta and ASOS.

It was a honour to be involved in The Fashion Institute’s recent Virtual Guest Speaker!

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