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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by, Adrian Sousa

From junior intern to starting her own public relations business, Maz Coote encompasses the phrase “hard work pays off” to perfection. Last Tuesday, students at The Fashion Institute had the pleasure of welcoming pioneer, entrepreneur and Founder of Coote Connex, Maz Coote to give an informative discussion regarding her experiences within the complex and ever-changing industry of public relations.

Coote Connex is a prominent communications agency established in 2015 which embraces all things beauty, lifestyle and food. Although, Coote Connex doesn’t just pride itself on relationship building or event execution. Maz pushes the boundaries creating a multi-faceted company, refusing to be limited to conventional approaches. Thus, the growing business consistently strives on the principles of differentiation through its 360-degree approach across all pillars of the industry, from hiring numerous skilled employees, adopting unique digital strategies to extensive partnerships with ambassadors. This fresh approach finds its origins through Maz’s background in business and her time at the University of Sydney, not to mention the twelve years’ experience across the industry.

The Essence of Coote Connex ultimately shines bright through its unique sister agencies; Coote Experts and Coote Digital. Whether its hiring experts to explore new spaces or simply managing social media channels, Coote Connex is constantly evolving their stable of operations. With this in mind, under Maz’s leadership, it may not be long till Coote is everywhere we look within the fashion sector.

Throughout the hour, Maz gave instrumental advice to all the young and aspiring industry leaders in the class. More specifically, she reaffirmed that even at events “you’re never the guest, you’re always on the door,” which brought a sense of reality for all students. Being able to acquire first-hand experiences regarding the process of running a business, provided invaluable insights for the future.

Overall, it was an honour to be a part of The Fashion Institute’s recent guest talk with Maz Coote!

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