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Learning from Industry Leaders | Romy Frydman

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Adrian Sousa

From being a pioneer for Australian fashion writing, to working alongside multiple recognisable brands, Romy Frydman has consistently evolved her skillset in order to become a staple figure within the Australian fashion industry. Last Tuesday, students at The Fashion Institute had the honour of welcoming stylist, creative director and writer Romy Frydman, to lead an insightful discussion on her multi-faceted career.

Romy Frydman TFI Stylist The Fashion Institute
Romy Frydman with TFI Students

Bolstering numerous accolades, experience and an impressive résumé, Romy’s career wasn’t as straightforward as one would perceive. The now iconic stylist grew up in Melbourne where she studied design at the esteemed RMIT. Although, Romy quickly realised that her strengths lied in other areas of the fashion industry. During her time at the

university, Romy grew a passion for writing, when she eventually won a magazine internship to intern with Marie Claire, which later lead to permanent employment. This achievement ultimately gave the young entrepreneur the resources to start one of the most successful Australian fashion blogs, “Style Me Romy.” The trailblazing writer was able to set herself apart from the rest through her interests in film, art and music. The consistent success of the blog ultimately paved the way for a freelance writing role at Vogue and Nylon Magazine in New York. This global experience was critical to future prominence and was conversely able to bring priceless knowledge back home in order to build a sustainable business model.

Moreover, Romy’s fifteen plus years of experience within the fashion industry, has ultimately made her a ‘one stop shop’ for all projects covering photography, videography and styling. This can be backed up with a simple scroll through the stylists Instagram, which could only be described as embodying a spicy summer aesthetic. During the informative discussion, Romy encouraged all students to “know what your strengths are when you start up” and always be open to various influences in order become immersed in the creative arts. Hearing this advice, it becomes unsurprising that Romy spends a lot of her time working with interns and ultimately propagating the next generation of fashion leaders.

Although it’s ultimately in Romy’s work for Zimmerman, where her influence and work shines the brightest. Overseeing the creative vision and working alongside founder Nicky Zimmerman, Romy is given the freedom to modify and adapt production to her innovative way of thinking. Romy is currently living in Sydney and continues to place her creative touch on the brand to this day.

In its entirety, It was an honour to welcome such a recognisable figure within the industry, to the college and all students will be sure to take the advice that was received, into the future.

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