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An Hour With Georgina Kar - Guest Speaker Recap

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Melissa Jolley

A few weeks back, myself and other TFI students were humbly graced by the presence of image consultant and personal stylist, Georgina Kar. Georgina was invited on campus to talk with us about her experiences throughout her career and all things fashion.

Over the last 18 years, Georgina has worked across many big name Australian companies, such as Bauer Media, Viviens Creative, News Corporation and Getty Images. Prior to working full-time as a stylist and image consultant, she built a versatile skill set working as a photo editor, booking agent, producer and creative editor.

Geogina described her career change as something that was always in the back of her mind. It came about by dressing friends for special occasions or having them reach out to her for advice, with this creative passion and love for helping people, she ventured into the world of styling.

Georgina now sees herself styling Australian fashion icon, Camilla Franks every few weeks with her latest collections for tv appearances and press related activities. In addition to personal styling, she also works commercially on editorials, lookbooks, ecommerce shoots and campaigns for brands such as The Iconic, Big W, General Pants and AJE.

In the midst of detailing her journey and experiences, Georgina also spoke about her encounters with celebrities; Rebbeca Gibney and Will Smith to name a few. She detailed how amazed she was by Will Smith’s contagious presence on set and how impressive it was to see him remember every single person's name that he encountered throughout the day.

From Big W campaigns to Camilla Franks herself, it’s obvious how passionate Georgina Kar is about her work; this was evident further when she was discussing her work ethic, specifically saying “If a job comes up on a Saturday, I’ll do it”. Georgina captivated the entire room as soon as she started speaking, so much so that she was shocked to discover she had spoken for an entire hour - time flies when you’re having fun.

Having Georgina as a guest speaker was a college experience to remember. Amongst all the questions that were asked during this discussion, one piece of advice that Geogina gave us that stuck out specifically was “Presenting a willingness to learn will get you far”.

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