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TFI Campaign x General Pants: Recap

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Ebony Eathorne

What a day.

Who would have known that in a short few weeks, creative concepts conjured in the 2D could be translated so perfectly into the 3D!

Although the 6:30am call time was a little daunting, especially for those of us who love a cheeky sleep in, the day shooting for TFI with General Pants was amazing.

After arriving at TFI, we met with the GP team who helped throughout the day, to ensure that the content created was the best it could be. Hannah and Will from the social team took us into the styling room where we were styled in some more GP pieces to shoot additional content later in the day.

First up, we had interviews. Both individually and as a group, we were asked about our time at the college, the experiences we have had so far and the advice we would give to those looking to study at TFI in the future. It was pretty safe to say that we all had the same responses to the last question … DO IT.

Following that, we went out with Hannah and Daisy the photographer and shot some content for General Pants. Looking to Jamay, our Creative Director for guidance, we went through the streets of Chippendale to the locations she previously scouted and shot the different fits. We all felt like real big-time models and the shots turned out way better than expected. A win to say the least.

We then were left to our own devices. Just a group of four girls once again, roaming the streets of Chippendale, capturing content for our own socials. Tik Toks, statics, reels … you name it, we made it.

The day was amazing. Just a group of creatives doing what they love the most surrounded by like-minded individuals. It was a significant reminder of why we do what we do and why we chose to study at TFI.

I, as well as everyone involved could not be more grateful for the experience offered to us by TFI and General Pants.

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