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Rundown of the Melbourne Fashion Festival Block Party Runway


Statement sportswear merged with silky silhouettes were stars of the show.

We watched in awe as an eccentric runway flaunted a plethora of colours and clothing. Wrapping up the Melbourne Fashion Festival for this year, the runway put on a playful show fuelled with fashion and snippets of street dancing.

An enticing performance allowed the free flow of expression for the brands, enabling the clothes to become fluid as strings of pearls and puffed chiffon danced alongside the models. This abundant runway juxtaposed a collaboration of loud patterns, seamlessly integrating a haze of colour yet placed alongside toned-down, dainty details.

This runway rush hinted at the sought-out trends for 2024. shredded denim, fluoro ski masks, layered polka dots, radio handbags, coloured crochet, oversized bows and silky florals. you had to be there.


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