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‘NO STRINGS ATTACHED’ The Couture Puppet Show that took during Paris Fashion Week

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Elise Staveley

This year, as a result of the corona virus pandemic, we saw more than just models take the runway at fashion week. Puppets took the reins of Paris fashion week for the Spring/Summer 2021 Moschino show which was cleverly titled ‘No Strings Attached’

This year, we saw fashion week take an evolutionary digital stance with a multitude live fashion shows, Zoom watch parties, and Q&A events. However, Jeremy Scott took this as an opportunity to share his creativity in the form of a couture marionette doll show.

Jeremy Scott was the creative director for Moschino’s show – designing Barbie doll-sized copies of each of the 40 looks, intricately made to include the same trims, seams, fabrics and details of the original gowns. Surprisingly, Scott actually took inspiration from Théâtre de la Mode, a traveling exhibition of couture designed by about 60 Parisian designers.

Taking inspiration from the coronavirus pandemic, the gowns took on a soft colour palette with soft shades of pink, gold, green and blue to contrast the harsh realities we have faced. Franco Moschino said that "In short order, the world has flipped," It hasn't capsized, but we are certainly living in the upside down, inside-out. The topsy-turvy. Everything is surreal but somehow also too real, altogether, all at once." Hence, the gowns were worn inside out to showcase the intricate inner workings of the garments and were specifically chosen to be a reflection of the unexpected events that took place this year. Scott stated himself that “As the world seems to be splitting along the seams, the bare inner workings of something new will be exposed,", as does the garments.

Unsurprisingly, we were pleased to see the miniature audience include the likes of Anna Wintour, Edward Enningful, Hamish Bowles and Anna Dello Russo making an appearance.

Following the shows these particular guests received their marionette dolls called their ‘Mini Moi’s’. Hamish Bowles shared his love for the marionette doll on his Instagram pictured below.

You can check out all the action of the show below:

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