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TFI Industry Teacher Interview | Angie Wright - Agency Lead for TikTok Australia

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Ainsley Burge

Angie Wright currently holds the role of agency lead for TikTok Australia. Here at the Fashion Institute, students had the exclusive privilege of learning the ins and outs of the media industry from Angie in her industry class. Her extensive experience both in Australia and internationally provided students with invaluable insight into the industry and how she got where she is today. I had the privilege of delving deeper into her journey in an interview with Angie and her insights are too good not to share.

Just like many others Angie started off on a very different path to the one she is on now. Her journey is very relatable the other young adults trying to find their pathway into the industry. I asked her –

What has been your journey so far to reach the position you’re in?

“I have always been very driven when it comes to my work. I've never been shy of changing jobs in order to pursue an opportunity of interest, or to excel my career. This has been key in getting to where I am now. My first two full-time jobs were actually in real estate. I realised after a few years that real estate wasn't the path for me, so I began studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing. Once I completed my degree, I landed an internship in Sydney, shortly followed by a job as a sales executive, at Southern Cross Austereo (2DayFM and TripleM Radio Networks). This was the start of my wonderful and crazy life working in the media industry. I worked very hard over the next few years (earning very little) in radio and later in digital publishing for The Urban List. I formed an excellent network and got to work with some renowned brands such as Qantas, Moet, Adidas, Maybelline, Mercedes Benz, Afterpay, Tourism Queensland, Coca-Cola, and a tonne more. After 6 years working in media, and a half-completed master’s degree in international Relations later, I craved more than Sydney could offer so made the move to London to work and explore Europe. I landed a great job at TRIBE (Influencer marketing tech platform) where I learnt a lot about influencer marketing and the London media landscape. Unfortunately, COVID hit and my current visa was ending so I returned to Sydney in 2020 where I applied for the role I am in today as Agency Lead at TikTok.”

Why do you believe TikTok has worked so well in today’s society?

“TikTok is a world of entertainment where people can go to escape from the day-to-day. It’s filled with creativity, positivity, joy & connection and is a platform that rewards authenticity - empowering everyone to take part. This authentic connection is what people have been craving, especially during the tough year that was 2020, which is why we have seen millions leaning into TikTok to access a joyful, personalised feed of entertainment. Personally, I believe as a society we are a bit fatigued by the polished content we see shared across social media platforms. We want a more relatable insight into the people we engage with through our screens.”

Can you share an insight to what an average day looks like as an Agency Lead?

“I often have a lot of meetings. These could be calls or face to face meetings with agencies to discuss anything from upcoming campaigns, strategies for brands, or working with senior leaders to organise education and training initiatives.”

What are your main goals as an Agency Lead for TikTok?

“My main goal is to create effective and mutually beneficial partnerships with the media agencies I work with - ensuring they are experts on TikTok and get excellent results for their clients who advertise on the platform. “

What has been some valuable Career advice you have been given throughout your Career?

“Someone who has always been an inspiration to me is my aunty, Zoe Foster-Blake. When I was a teenager, feeling very lost and confused about where I was headed and how to get there, Zoe coached me along with wisdom and advice. Zoe encouraged me to push through, telling me that everyone has to do the ‘shit jobs’ in the beginning and that you will be better off for it in the end having gained valuable experience and built character. She helped me to understand the importance of building authentic relationships and networking, and how crucial it is not to burn bridges, because things have a funny way of coming back around.“

What advice would you give to a TFI Student?

“You can see by my career, the progression to where I am is not linear and was never guided by a pre-known goal. I have gotten where I am through being motivated, building a strong network and being open to opportunities. This has served me well and if I can give you any advice, it's try not to get too consumed by a specific goal or reaching a certain destination. Having goals and a sense of where you want to get to is great and important, but it's equally as important to be flexible and open to new ideas and opportunities. You never know where they will lead you, or better yet, who you might meet along the way and the fun you will have. It might sound cliche, but learn to enjoy the journey because once you get to the ‘destination’, what's next? The secret is there is no destination, only the journey to get there. So enjoy it.”

What have been your Career highlights so far?

“I’ve been very lucky to travel for work quite a few times now. A highlight was when I was in London working for the Marketing Tech Agency, I went to Israel for four days for a training course with one of the partner businesses I managed. In London I was on an expert panel for an exclusive fashion PR agency talking about influencer marketing, which was really exciting. I am very passionate about giving back to the community and using my career as much as possible to do so. In London I participated in initiatives such as giving a presentation to disadvantaged youth, youth speed networking, corporate sleepout - which mind you was in the freezing minus two degrees and rain, as well as supporting in other charity events such as working in a food factory for a day.”

Angie’s Journey is one that all students at the Fashion Institute can look to for inspiration, advice and encouragement. Angie has taught me perseverance and courage. Her story of growth is one that motivates me to leave my mark on the industry as she has and will continue to do.

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