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Updated: Feb 20

Words by Christiano

In the limitless world of photography, every photo session presents a canvas for visual storytelling. Recently, I had the privilege of capturing a unique editorial at TFI Studio, an incredible space that became the backdrop for a collection that celebrates the eclectic nature of creativity.

Inspired by "Hierba Mala", the photoshoot celebrated rebellion, defiance and strength in a visual narrative. The model symbolized and embraced her nature and challenged the stigmas that surrounded her. Each painting reflected the idea that, like weeds, the indomitable spirit of rebellion can thrive and leave an eternal mark on the world.

This Photoshoot was created, styled, produced and photographed by Christiano.


Our muse for this visual narrative is Paulina Wiska.


Special thanks to The Fashion Institute for their studio which was an incredible space to create “ Rebellion Unleashed” 

The link to the full article on Chrisitiano’s portfolio is HERE

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4 comentarios

Wooow! Love your work and your vibe !!! So talented.

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Thank you Valentina.

Me gusta

Such an honor being part of this project. Christiano, your talent is above and beyond.

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Thank you Paulina ;)

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