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Updated: Dec 8, 2022


Words by Tallulah Draper

Ever since I was younger, I have always dreamt of studying at The Fashion Institute. As a previous journalism student, my yearning to study at TFI grew after deferring my degree in Journalism as I wanted a more Fashion orientated education. Living in Queensland, I researched more about TFI and then planned to move to Sydney as soon as possible to start my Fashion studies. Shortly after, TFI introduced online learning and I was instantaneously eager to sign up to begin my studies online until I saved enough to make the big move to Sydney. After a few short months of online learning and discovering more about the opportunities available with on campus life – I couldn’t wait another second, so I set a date to pack up my life in Noosa and move to the big city to begin the first chapter of my Fashion career. I was fortunate enough to get a transfer in my current role at Kookai to work as a supervisor/stylist in the Sydney central store, it was like everything was falling into place. So, after much packing, a big wardrobe clear out and some sad good-byes, I was on my way to start my new life in Sydney. Starry eyed and eager for the opportunities that awaited me. After a week I began my studies on campus at the Fashion Institute and it was more than what I could’ve imagined.

On campus, the opportunities are endless. Not to mention the incredible facilities that replicate real industry environments to a T. The transition was beyond seamless and I felt at home after my first class where I was greeted by so many enthusiastic, likeminded students who were more than willing to take the new girl in. I remember walking in for the first time and being taken aback by the stylish interior and infectious aura of the environment. After years of stalking the socials of TFI and all the students - I was absolutely ecstatic to be there in person and found myself counting down until my next class.

To be able to study in such an amazing, highly regarded establishment is such a privilege and I am so glad I made the move. As a more visual learner, I couldn’t recommend the in-person studies more. Though online study taught me so much, the access to on campus learning, in combination with such knowledgeable mentors and out of this world internship opportunities is such a privilege. I know I am in good hands and cannot wait to meet more inspirational people within the industry. Throughout my time here, I aspire to find my exact place within the industry, so I can continue on in making an impact on the lives of emerging fashion lovers and professionals alike. Just as though The Fashion Institute does for many, through my work I hope to inspire others to be exactly who they want to be in the industry and be able to leave my mark on the people I interact with every day.

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