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Mr Winston Has Become a Reseller's Dream: Here Are Some Alternatives That Won't Break The Bank

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Ella Sangster

Mr Winston has become a resellers dream: here are some small businesses to buy from if you didn’t get your hands on the recent hoodie drop - and don’t want to cough up a whopping $300 for a Depop resale.

After their recent drop sold out in mere minutes, Mr Winston’s hoodies have become a fixed feature on the Depop explore page. Yes, the hoodies are in to-die-for colours and have quickly become the hottest item for an ‘I just threw this on’ winter look, but, with resale prices reaching upwards of $300 (over double the retail price), getting your hands on these seasonal staples has become practically impossible.

But fear not; if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect hoodie to complete your winter wardrobe, look no further. I have scoured the depths of the ‘gram to find brands with designs to rival the Depop resellers so you can get your hoodie fix without too much damage to your bank account.

Monsieur Monet Speaking of revolutionary painter Claude Monet, Monsieur Monet’s founders state, “His paintings emphasise how our own perspective can change what we choose to see and what we choose to ignore.” Inspired by this notion, Monsieur Monet use their brand to produce jumpers that are not only funky wardrobe staples, but take steps to change the approach to Closing the Gap in Australia. 50% of profits from their store, which includes hoodies and crewnecks in pastels and neutrals, go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Shop here:

Lokal Lane Basics essential Lokal Lane is a brand that aims to slow down the fashion cycle, designing and producing all their products in Australia, promoting humane working conditions and the reduction of environmental damage within the fashion industry. The designs are classic staples that will never go out of trend; they really are a minimalist’s dream come true for winter. Shop here:

Core Collectives Based on the NSW Central Coast, Core Collectives’ simple but effective manifesto “everything starts from the core” is reflected in their effortlessly cool gender-neutral designs. The brand’s signature colour palette of neutrals, greens, and greys are affordable and easy to wear, making them an essential for a comfy winter wardrobe. Shop here:

Blue Jade Designs Blue Jade Designs is a Canadian-based brand “with intentions of spreading good vibes.” The hoodies and crews come in a range of colours with cheerful and colourful messages on the back, with names to suit such as ‘The Smile Hoodie’ and ‘The Happy Mind Crewneck.’ These hoodies are truly the perfect pieces to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe and positivity to your day. Shop here:

Collusion Asos favourite brand Collusion has already developed a cult following of streetwear lovers and fashionistas alike. As well as producing a range of other items, Collusions sweats and hoodies stand out as some of their most popular. With a mixture of plain, printed, and bright hoodies, there is something for everyone, with the high quality and low price tags making them even more enticing. The brand celebrates gender neutrality, inclusivity, and experimentation in both fashion and life. Shop Here:

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