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Learn from the Professionals: TFI Industry Classes

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Isabella Andrighetto

Imagine getting taught all the ins and outs of the fast-paced life that is the fashion industry, only by the best of the best! Attending TFI’s Industry Classes, taught by incredibly accomplished creatives, I have managed to obtain great knowledge, insight and advice on how to succeed in a career in fashion. Every Thursday morning, I set my alarm for 8:50am to make sure I secure a spot in the classes by 9am - I’m always so eager to get a place! From completing pretty much all industry classes that TFI has to offer, I can confidently say that there is no way I would get this much access anywhere else. During these trying times, they always manage to keep me inspired and motivated! I mean who better to talk to about a career in fashion then the pros who have lived in our shoes and have thrived in the fashion industry?!

Now I don’t mean to name DROP, but TFI have connected me with some pretty spectacular people, including the likes of :

  • Rick Matthews - Women’s Booker at IMG Models

  • Peter Murdoch – Ready to Wear Expert at Louis Vuitton

  • Fleur Egan – Celebrity Stylist + Creative Director

  • Victoria - Global PR and Marketing Manager at Seafolly

  • Emma Read - Freelance Stylist + Creative Director

  • Jade - Head of Social Media at General Pants

  • Samantha - Director at SDK Consulting

  • Rachel – Features Director at InStyle Magazine

  • Emma – Publicist at NAC Media group

  • Kimberly - Marketing Manager at Wrangler

  • Jordana - Brand Manager at Bec + Bridge

If you think that’s a lot, that’s only a few of the many brilliant professionals I have been honoured to meet and connect with. To add onto all of that I have also been lucky enough to attend an excursion to Seafolly HQ and sat in on special guest speaker with Genevra Leek, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Magazine. It has been such a great way to get perspective into the fashion industry and be able to ask questions, while networking with pretty incredible people– an opportunity most people starting off in fashion won’t get! Each individual has had such an admirable and exciting career, I am always left in awe of them! Honestly after every class I am convinced I want to get into that role – so many amazing paths to choose from!

While many of us try to adapt to the new ‘normal’ way of living from the result of Covid-19, TFI has made sure students do not miss out on opportunities by thankfully having Industry Classes commence online - that doesn’t mean that I don’t get just as much out of the classes as I did before or feel like I haven’t been able to network as much as I’d like – quite the opposite! After every class I have this burst of inspiration, motivation and excitement for the future and what I can accomplish in it. I am grateful to still be able to connect and learn from the best! Each class, I have come out of it with greater knowledge, advice, tips and incredible insight into what it’s like having a career in fashion. Using online platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram has helped me keep connected with each brilliant person I have met – I love being able to reach out online and ask about all things fashion! Each person that I have had the pleasure of meeting – in person or virtually - has given me great tips for someone starting out in the fashion Industry as well as great advice as a fashion student. I have received excellent personal and fashion business advice plus how to make the best out of being a student and getting my foot in the door. I have learnt all about how each company operated that they work for and how to succeed in their roles as well as in the industry. Along the way I have picked up 5 MAIN TIPS for anyone starting or wanting to become more involved in the fashion industry…


Intern as much as you can and soak in all the experience and knowledge you will learn along the way – interning is the best way to get your foot in the door and can lead to so many networking and job opportunities. Be the best intern they have and really commit to the role, put your hand up for the jobs nobody would want to do and always ask as many questions as you can!


You will meet so many amazing people in the fashion industry – I know I have! Take advantage of the moment and network wherever and whenever you can – build those connections. ALWAYS introduce yourself to everyone, utilise email and make yourself known! Just go for it!


There are so many incredible opportunities that can arise at any moment so take every single one that comes your way – more experience the better, especially to build up your knowledge. Even when it comes to networking – take a hold of the opportunity and ask for a bit of their time to sit down and chat. Every opportunity counts!


Keep up to date with magazines, fashion shows and events, latest trends, models, photographers and stylists. This knowledge will keep you prepared and is a good habit to get into. Know all about your industry, no matter what field you get into!


The Fashion Industry is small and very connected, first impressions are EVERYTHING! You don’t know where each conversation or connection could lead, that one person you meet could end up being your BOSS one day!


“The Industry Classes give me a huge insight in what path I want to follow for my fashion career and are such a great networking opportunity!” - Jessica Lucas, TFI Student

“Industry Classes are great because they show me all the aspects of the fashion industry that I never knew were a possibility and excite me so much for my future!” - Bianca Smith, TFI Student

“The industry classes have been amazing and incredibly eye opening to all different avenues of the fashion industry that I didn’t even know were possible! I have met some really inspirational people in the industry that have given me so much motivation and have made me so excited for what the future holds for my career.” - Samantha Larken, TFI Student

“Learning from industry professionals that have been through it all really shaped my knowledge of fashion business.” - Ruby Anthony, TFI Student

As a fashion student I have benefited immensely from the classes and networking connections I have begun to make through TFI - I have had such an incredible time sitting in on classes taught by the best of the best! As I am just starting to build a career in fashion and trying to figure out what path is best for me, I’ve loved being able to ask questions and be a part of classes that let creative minds share their opinions and experiences. I am excited to continue to utilise my opportunities and connections received at The Fashion Institute. I look forward to expanding my knowledge more and continuing to network so that I can add what I have learnt into my future career.

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