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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Gwyne Cosio

This story begins with me having my first careers appointment with my amazing Careers Manager Bryce McIntosh. Bryce asked all of the students enrolled at The Fashion Institute to complete a Workplace Training Preference Form, this is where students were able to note down their dream internships.

I knew even before enrolling into the institute that interning at Vogue would be an absolute life goal of mine. I’m sure anyone aspiring to work in the fashion industry has dreamt about interning at Vogue! I pictured myself in the Devil Wears Prada movie being immersed in all things fashion.

On my workplace training preference sheet, the first thing I noted down was Vogue. This was an immediate reaction for me as I knew this is what I wanted to try. However, Bryce suggested for me to try interning at Elle or GQ before pursuing Vogue to build up my experience. I left that appointment feeling satisfied, trusting his advice.

A few weeks later I remember receiving a phone call from the institute while I was working. I picked up and Bryce answered advising me that he had scheduled an interview for me at VogueAustralia. My heart instantly dropped to my stomach, meanwhile I was trying to maintain a professional phone etiquette but deep down I wanted to scream!

Bryce provided me the date and time for the interview, and it was on a day I was rostered on to work but I knew chances like this don’t come often so I made sure I attended that interview.

After the phone call, I immediately called my sister Zoe and fiancé Liam straight away. I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time. I was convinced that I was getting set up with an internship elsewhere but then receiving that phone call was god answering my prayers! It’s amazing how things eventually fall into place.

Now for the interview. I was so nervous as I really wanted to make a good first impression. I made sure I wore professional clothing, hair up and out of my face and minimal make-up. I even did research on the company and jumped onto YouTube on how to nail an interview! You could say I was a bit frantic!

I walked into News Corp and felt my nerves rise. I advised the receptionist that I was here to see Rebecca from Vogue regarding an interview. The receptionist was shocked when I said that... this made me beyond anxious.

I was waiting in the lobby rehearsing what I was going to say and how I was going to say it over and over again. I even bought a copy of my resume so I can explain my interest in more detail.

Rebecca came towards me and greeted me. We sat down at the café downstairs in the News Corp building. She explained what she expected from her interns and what she looks for. The interview was straight to the point and quick. Rebecca mentioned that a lot of people think working for Vogue is all glamourous, sure it has it’s fabulous moments, but there’s a lot of hard work involved.

During my internship at Vogue I was given some incredible tasks including organising luxury clothing, shoes and accessories for the Fashion Team to use for their shoots, merchandise the Vogue fashion cabinet (where the team’s loaned fashion products are kept until shoot day), save imagery from all the latest global Fashion Week Shows, and process fashion product check-ins and returns. I had a lot to learn, really quickly!

I was exposed to so many different fashion brands and public relations firms. Vogue’s connections were endless and new packages were coming in so often. It was so interesting and admirable seeing all the clothing or accessories that came into the fashion cabinet. Some pieces even came straight off the runway direct from Fashion Week overseas!

My favourite part during this experience was working under immense pressure. Whenever there was a photoshoot going on, the team needed clothing, shoes and accessories to arrive on time and to be organised carefully in the fashion cabinet. Vogue really appreciate the support of their interns, and really allow you to get a full understanding of what it’s like to work for the globes most iconic luxury magazine. This was a great aspect as going through this type of pressure will prepare me in the real fashion world and gave me a deep glimpse of how a magazine comes together.

You find that as an intern no job is too small and it’s the little jobs that make a massive difference. Having a positive and go-getter attitude was key for success as an intern.

My advice is to never compare your experience with others, always keep an open mind and stay humble. Many established people in this industry have always reiterated that the industry is small, so it’s crucial to be nice to everyone. Bryce always explains to the students at The Fashion Institute, that majority of those who work in the Industry started off as interns themselves.

Everyone has their own journey and wishes different things in life. Trying to focus on yourself and your future is key to staying motivated and working that extra bit harder. I aspire to have a successful and prosperous career and that starts off with interning and gaining as much experience as possible. Say ‘YES’ to everything!

I was very fortunate to have this once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn’t be more thankful to The Fashion Institute and Vogue for my valuable internship experience.

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