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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by - Christiano Oviedo

Where did I find my interest?

Since I was a kid, I was feeling really attracted to art. It was easy for me to express myself in that field, so I started discovering different areas of art, such as: painting, sculpture, acting and photography. Even though I didn’t know anything about cameras, lenses or actual photography.

How did I start?

I started using my iPad camera, using Instagram filters and experimenting with colours and settings. Then I started scaling up to using my iPhone camera and later to a professional camera.

What projects have I worked on?

I worked in a magazine after I graduated from college in Bogota-Colombia, where I’m originally from. There I did my second editorial (GLAMCCI) and assisted at MTV Latin-American host’s photoshoot. After that, I came to Sydney-Australia where I completed my third editorial between two countries (MERAKI). I worked in an advertising campaign with an Australian label called, TEAMM8, and some other projects like backstage shoots for brands, fashion shows and the art project, “the chain” from the luxury brand, Bottega Veneta. Then with the help of The Fashion Institute, I assisted a couple of shows and photoshoots like:

Christopher Esber Fashion Show, Justin Cassin Photoshoot, Target Campaign Shoot, Australian Hair Fashion Awards and Marie Claire Magazine shoots.

What kind of photography do I like?

I like any kind of photography; I’m really open to learn and discover different types of artistic expression. However, what I enjoy the most is doing fashion photography, portraits, landscaping, still-life, abstract and party-events photography.

How do I define my style?

My style is very dramatic and intense, mixing dark details and bright colours in harmony. Like death but alive or fun but mysterious. I’m still exploring more styles and feelings to express my art but right now I’ll describe it as romantic futuristic (lol).

Some of the photographers that I follow?

I love Steven Maisel, Mertalas and Steven Klein. The concepts, colours and composition that they use in their creations have always inspired me.

Also, I’m inspired by designers like Alexander McQueen, Mugler, Versace, Balmain and Alex Perry.

If you want to know more about me and my work, please check out my website:

or my Instagram:

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