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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Elise Stavely


Sammy Robinson, an Australian social media influencer and YouTuber recently launched her clothing label titled ‘One Mile’ on May 4. Sammy is known for her fashion and beauty content which she shares on Instagram and her YouTube channel with a following of over 650,000. As for her clothing label, the 23-year-old expressed in a recent video that this is something that she's wanted to do since she was a young girl. “I wanted to create an Australian brand that was an expression of me in its simplest form” she said. 


Sammy recently uploaded a Q&A video to YouTube which delved into the story behind her label ‘One Mile’. The name she has given to her brand is reminiscent of her holidays spent at One Mile beach, this theme of nostalgia in the name is also reflected in the names of the individual garments. The whole theme of nostalgia was carried throughout this collection and also “came out in every aspect that [she] tried to build the brand off” - the name of each garment is based off every city that she has visited.


The collection features timeless basics designed with lasting quality. The majority of the collection is cohesively made from knit fabrics and soft textures that can be worn for many years to come.  Sammy referred to her first collection as having “everyday wearable pieces”, yet as ‘One Mile’ will progress, she plans to extend their range even further as she revealed in her recent YouTube video Sammy added that “One Mile embodies everything I love about fashion, with quality, effortless pieces in beautiful tones and textures that are completely timeless”. My personal favourites from the collection include the ‘Tokyo jumper’ (pictured on the right) and ‘Hawaii Skirt’. The ‘Tokyo jumper’ is a gorgeous white knit with a striking open back that cannot be flawed. I love the ‘Hawaii skirt’ because it can also be worn as a dress. We simply can’t go wrong with versatility and might we add comfort especially for the current times. The pricing of the collection ranges from $59 to $119, which is exceptional regarding the quality of these garments.

The collection has already gained enormous success within less than a month of being launched with many of the pieces already selling out in most sizes. However, if you’re still looking to get your hands on this collection, the Hawaii skirt, Palm Beach top, and Whistler top are just some of the beautiful pieces still available in all sizes.


‘One Mile’s’ campaign shoot was shot in picturesque Port Allunga in South Australia by Peter Van Alphen. Sammy herself modelled for the campaign (pictured below) along with Mieke Cara and Keana Deluman.


As Sammy revealed in a recent YouTube video, ‘One Mile’ implements some sustainable and ethical practices. In hindsight, any new brands planning to establish themselves are likely to only have lasting success if they have a strong focus on sustainability. One Mile’s suppliers are based in China and the employees are paid generously and all hold a certificate of approval for working in an ethical workplace. The packaging of the garments is eco-friendly as it is made from 100% recyclable, compostable satchels and recyclable tissue paper with acid-free stickers. Sammy expressed that while her brand does incorporate some strong ethical and eco-friendly aspects, herself and her team are continuing to work towards using recycled fabrics. In using recycled fabrics, many brands are conflicted by the non-sustainable practices that must be used to make using recycled materials possible. It is also usually less cost effective as recycled fibres must undergo testing and has a more labour-intensive process to source the fabrics.


In the future of the brand we can expect to see more collections featuring a wider variety of fabrics and textures, also expanding into different styles. As One Mile grows, the ability to research and develop the brand will be possible, as Sammy said, they plan to research to “make everything as sustainable as it possibly can”.

To follow the journey of One Mile and gain a further look at the collection, head to One Mile’s Instagram@onemile.thelabel and website . Keep an eye on Sammy’s personal Instagram @sammmyrobinson for sneak peaks of her future collections as well as styling tips.

Images thanks to @onemile.thelabel Instagram and

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