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The Fashion Institute places students into internships and event experiences with over 600 of Australia's premier fashion labels, companies, magazines and media.


Through our Workplace Training Program, The Fashion Institute provides a pathway for students to gain hands-on experience within the industry. This program paves the way for students to develop invaluable skills, which will open the doors to a fulfilling career in fashion.

All students of The Fashion Institute become part of our exclusive workplace training program and our Internship Coordinator and Careers Manager tailor each program to suit individual aspirations and career goals. This close collaboration ensures placements that are relevant to each student's unique interests and talents.

The Fashion Institute has a reputation for consistently providing our internship partners with high-calibre candidates and providing our student's tailored work placement opportunities.

Our Careers Manager is available to provide support on writing cover letters, building resumes or preparing for interviews to help you succeed in the industry.


In addition, The Fashion Institute provides current and graduated students access to our internship and job opportunities database through our careers log-in page and extends invitations to our Industry Guest Speaker sessions and Networking Events. These opportunities are unlimited as we invite you to immerse yourself in the fashion industry and take advantage of all The Fashion Institute has to offer, as you work towards achieving your career goals and making your connections. 

Video Credit: Student Bella Nysten at her internship with VOGUE



All students have access to unlimited event experience and volunteering opportunities throughout the year, from designer’s warehouse sales to industry black tie events, and on-set collection shoots.


Volunteering is a great way for you to build your industry experience and network with like-minded professionals.

Each year TFI students are encouraged to volunteer at Australia's main fashion weeks including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane!

These experiences provide students the opportunity to gain hands-on industry experience by assisting on the shows of loved and celebrate Australian designers and labels!

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Students will also get the opportunity to attend exclusive Guest Speaker sessions and Industry Excursions. 

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Over the past eight years, The Fashion Institute has curated extraordinary experiences for students through our annual New York Fashion Week program. Excitingly, in 2023, we expanded our horizons by introducing London Fashion Week to our renowned International Program.

This initiative provides students with a unique chance to actively participate in some of the world's premier international fashion shows and engage in valuable internships with esteemed designers. This exposure immerses them in the dynamic and ever-evolving international fashion landscape. Additionally, students partake in exclusive excursions and tours, enhancing their understanding of the global fashion industry.


Join us as we continue to empower and inspire the next generation of fashion leaders through these unparalleled opportunities.





+ Full Program and involvement in Fashion Week

+ Return Economy Flights

+ Twin Share Studio Suite

+ Airport Transfers within the United States

+ Exclusive Excursions and Tours

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