1. I understand by signing and returning this Agreement Acceptance Declaration, I am agreeing to abide by the College rules and regulations, including but not limited to the policies on academic progression, grievance and disciplinary processes, enrolment, payment of course fees and tuition fee refunds which I can access online via the Enrolment Resources section of the Study page on the Macleay College website (macleay.edu.au/enrolment-resources/).

  2. I understand the process of enrolment will not commence unless a signed ‘Acceptance of Agreement Declaration’ is received.

  3. I further understand that I must abide by the conditions of my enrolment at Macleay College, including but not limited to the following:

    • The payment of tuition and associated fees

    • Satisfactory course progression and course attendance in accordance with college policy

    • Good conduct

  4. I understand any breaches of the conditions of my enrolment may result in Macleay College cancelling or involuntarily suspending my enrolment and reporting any criminal activity to the relevant authority.

  5. I understand if I am required to repeat any units of study to complete my course, additional tuition fees will apply which will be charged at the current tuition fee rate applicable at the time of re-enrolment into the failed units of study.

  6. Macleay College reviews the fees annually and, after a consultation process, sets the Tuition Fees to allow the College to provide the best quality services and facilities to its students. I understand Tuition Fees are subject to change and may increase from year to year.

  7. I will attend the compulsory Orientation Program prior to the commencement of my course of study. I understand that I may not be permitted to enrol if I arrive on campus more than two weeks after the course commences (see Commencement Date above).

  8. Should my personal details change during the course of my study with Macleay College, I will inform Macleay College by downloading and lodging a ‘Change of Details Form’ within five working days of the change.

  9. I understand that during my enrolment I may seek assistance from Macleay College concerning my academic progress, personal welfare and/or student visa matters. I understand that either may refer me to other sources of assistance such in the event that my concerns cannot be resolved solely through the work of Macleay College staff.

  10. I understand Macleay College is committed to preserving my privacy and, where this information may include personal and contact details, and course enrolment details, will:

    • only collect personal information for lawful purposes;

    • only collect information as it is necessary;

    • advise what the information will be used for;

    • protect personal information from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure or other misuse;

    • not disclose personal information outside Macleay College except where:

  11. I understand that in the course of my enrolment photography and filming at Macleay College may result in my image, attributes and name appearing in social and other media. I hereby consent to the publication of such film and likenesses of me by Macleay College or third parties with no further consent required. This does not include filming or photography that would be deemed an invasion of privacy under relevant law. My consent includes copying, communicating and publishing my image and name in any media including without limitation newsletters, brochures and other print media, radio, television and the internet. I hereby grant to Macleay College an irrevocable perpetual, royalty free, unrestricted, non-exclusive licence to use my image and likeness, and sound and video recordings and creative work created by me at Macleay College for teaching, educational, marketing or promotional and research purposes. Creating this licence does not stop me owning the copyright in my creative work, or commercially developing it. If I use that creative work for commercial purposes, I will acknowledge Macleay College wherever possible.

  12. I agree to and accept the use of email as the medium of communication between Macleay College and myself for all issues related to my enrolment and progress. I will undertake to check my college email account regularly to ensure that this line of communication remains open and effective for the duration of my enrolment with Macleay College.

  13. I accept that I will be provided with a secure login username and password to access my college email, online records and course related learning materials, and I will abide with all related policies.

  14. In the unlikely event that Macleay College is unable to deliver a course in full, students enrolled in that course of study will be offered a refund of all course fees paid to date. The refund will be paid within two weeks of the day on which the course ceased being provided. Alternatively, these enrolled students may be offered a place in an alternative course offered by Macleay College at no extra cost. In this situation, I have the right to choose whether I would prefer a full refund of course fees, or to accept a place in another course. If I choose placement in another course, I will sign a new Agreement Acceptance Declaration to indicate that my acceptance of the placement in the new course of study.

  15. If Macleay College is unable to provide a refund or place in an alternative course, I understand the College’s Tuition Protection Scheme will place me in a suitable alternative course at no extra cost to myself in accordance with the college Statement of Tuition Assurance and Tuition Refund Policy for Domestic Students.

  16. To apply for a refund from Macleay College, I understand I must complete a college ‘Application for Fee Refund’ form and lodge it with the Office of the Registrar prior to the course Commencement Date, or prior to the relevant Census Date, to avoid any financial or academic penalty with all required supporting documentation in accordance with the Tuition Fee Refund Policy for Domestic Students. The Tuition Fee Refund Policy and ‘Application for Fee Refund’ form can be downloaded via Enrolment Resources section of the Study page at www.macleay.edu.au/enrolment-resources/.

  17. At Macleay College, every effort is made to ensure each student is able to appeal a decision they feel is unfair or inconsistent with college policy. All grievances and appeals are handled with sincerity and sensitivity, and I understand the grievance process is immediately accessible and free for all parties involved.

  18. I understand this Agreement and the availability of the college grievance and appeals process, does not remove my right to take action under Commonwealth and State consumer protection laws.


Instructions: Please read, complete and sign this ‘Agreement Acceptance Declaration’ within thirty (30) days of the issue date on your email.




*Please note the course tuition fees listed above are indicative fees, and are not reflective of articulation pathways or recognition of prior learning.




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