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The 2020 ‘Virtual’ Met Gala- And How You Can Get Involved From Home!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Giselle Palermo

For the first time in years, the first Monday in May will just be another day. It came with huge dismay to both guests and the public when it was announced that The Costume Institute have decided to postpone the 2020 Met Gala ahead of COVID-19. However, High Fashion Twitter (aka ‘hf twitter,’ the preferred stylisation on Twitter, as lower case is chic, obviously) are doing their best to still make it into the day that we all know and love.

Instagram influencers? They’re great. YouTubers? Even better. But if you’re interested in fashion, Twitter is a whole other world waiting for you to discover. So much so, that there is a community on the social media app known as “High Fashion Twitter” Users on the platform are unapologetic fashion lovers. They discuss the legacy of designers, critique runway shows and archive images, they even create ‘mood boards’ of fashion-related images to inspire others. It is truly one of the best online platforms to completely immerse yourself in the world of fashion, and while we’re all stuck at home, there’s no better time to get involved.

With the Met Gala being postponed indefinitely, High Fashion Twitter will be taking matters into their own hands- as the show must go on- and you are invited.

The user behind this incredible event is Aria Olsen, ‘hf twitter’ user extraordinaire. Olsen believes that this event will open doors for an abundance of people, rather than the usual high society line-up.

As I spoke to the team behind the virtual gala, Alejandra, (curator of the event,) says

“the actual Met is closed doors and it has become such an exclusive event, however, [our version] is an open door; everyone can be a part of it.”

Although The Met Gala is something we all look forward to each year, the team is referring to the fact that the Gala has certainly drawn criticism— over time it has become just another event for the rich to parade their wealth and display hedonism, while the theme is sometimes completely neglected.

“We don’t tolerate any sort of prejudice. We wanted to make this event because we wanted a more inclusive version of something that all fashion lovers can participate in,”

- Senam (coordinator of the event.)

As this year’s event is online and anyone can get involved, it will offer a digital renovation of the actual day. HF Twitter’s version of the Met Gala will focus solely on the art, culture and design that is fashion, whilst removing the classism that is intrinsic at the Met Gala. It will be a space for all fashion lovers to showcase their expertise, as well as “a place where you can still be part of a ‘fancy’ type of event without the exclusivity and the judgement that so often comes with these sorts of events,” says Aria.

Ultimately, the online occasion will strive to spark joy during this time of uncertainty and dullness.

“Hopefully, this event will serve as a little spot of joy and unity for this amazing community,”

creator, Aria Olsen, writes on Twitter. 

“A large difference between the actual event and the Twitter Met Gala is the fact that it’s not only digital, but it’s hosted on the particular platform, Twitter,” says Aria. As social media becomes more and more ingrained in our daily lives, Instagram has proven to be one of the largest applications for fashion inspiration.

However, Twitter is such an advanced form of communication, and allows for ultimate conversations. Where Instagram is a platform to sell fashion and influence others, Twitter is a platform that promotes the discussion of fashion. Fashion isn’t just for Instagram. The Digital Met Gala is bound to be a success through the use of this social media app.

Adhering to the original 2020 Met Gala theme: ‘About Time: Fashion and Duration,’ everyone on Twitter will have the chance to partake in a category of their choice, which includes the following: Photoset Creation (where you would post photos of whatever you would actually wear to the event,) The Brand Challenge (creating a look using garments from a single fashion house,) Wardrobe Styling (sharing your styling expertise by creating an outfit using clothes only from your closet,) and lastly, Illustration Expression (encouraging artists to take part by sketching a red-carpet-ready design.)

You won’t even have to step a foot outside, as contestants are pushed to “practice social distancing & sustainability with these challenges by using clothes you already own.” Over the past few years, sustainability in fashion has definitely become a buzzword, and people are taking caution of the clothes that they are purchasing now more than ever.

Bringing together fashion lovers from all over the world, not only is this event approachable, straightforward, and something to entertain us while we’re stuck at home, but it also casts light on current realities, such as underlying prejudice and the sustainability movement.

The greatest night in fashion will be revived on Monday 4th May, and you can sign up to participate here.

So, what are you going to wear? It’s time to start thinking about your outfit. Get involved and join the High Fashion Twitter community, and don’t forget to follow me!


Special thanks to the minds behind the magic: @pughartory @wrkhs @LeoInLaurent @yohjiyamamotoes @thegirlinmiumiu @perlamontan @infurgadiso @richcitypretty @DECOUTURIZE @mymy_miumiu and @SAINTLIAR

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