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TFI Campaign x General Pants: Dreams With Friends

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Brooke Duncan

It feels like a lifetime ago that we all got to come together to shoot the TFI x General Pants campaign. With COVID sparking up again in NSW not long after our shoot; for me, it was one of the last things that felt normal (for a while!) I definitely miss seeing my peers in person but am excited to see them all again in a world post lockdown.

Speaking of my lovely peers, I asked Nadya Van Kruyssen, Laura Hicks and Levi McKenzie a series of questions about their experience on the TFI x GP shoot.

Q: How would you describe the experience shooting with General Pants and TFI?

NVK: I thought the experience was so much fun. I’ve never done anything like that before and it gave me a taste of what working on a shoot looks like.

LH: Shooting with GP and TFI was fun and also super exciting to see the behind the scenes side with General Pants.

LM: I found the whole experience so rewarding and exciting! It was a privilege to be chosen to be a part of it and I loved the modelling aspect as well as the responsibility of the assigned roles we all had to do.

Q: In such a crazy and unpredictable year, where do you see yourself this time next year?

NVK: I see myself hopefully having a job with a production or development team within a company and attending Fashion Week!

LH: This time next year, I hopefully see myself surrounded by friends and family, working in the fashion industry.

LM: This time next year, I want to be working in a job that is related to what I want to do which I find truly exciting and interesting. I want to have built up my social media platforms and slowly piece together the pieces I need to make a name for myself in the content creating, fashion and modelling world.

Q: What is your absolute dream career?

NVK: My absolute dream career is being a business owner/designer of my own brand located in London.

LH: An absolute goal of mine would be to have a secure job within the fashion industry, as well as opening up my own store of some sort.

LM: If I had to choose my ABSOLUTE dream career, it would be a content creator and model - specialising in fashion runways but still dabbling in everything. There’s something so exciting about working with brands and marketing them yourself on your own platforms, and modelling incorporates everything I love all into one; fashion, photography and posing!

Q: Where do you get your inspiration and where can people follow your fashion journey?

NVK: People can follow my fashion journey on Instagram @nadyavankruyssen.

LH: My Instagram is @laurahhicks.

LM: My Instagram profile is @_levimckenzie and my YouTube channel is Levi McKenzie.

It’s lovely to know the dreams your friends have and their intentions for their future. I am confident that these amazing people will make their dreams a reality, and I will be cheering them on as they do so.

So, until the day we can reunite as a group again – I am cheering for them from a distance.

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