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TFI Campaign: A Day In Front Of The Camera

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Carla Traplin

Modelling tends to be associated with being an easy job. Your only requirement is to show up look pretty and take some great photos, right?

Safe to say after my experience of being the ‘model’ for the day I have a new profound respect for all models. People say you never really realise how much work goes into one single shot until you’ve been behind the lens, but I never realised how much work goes into a shot until I was in front of the lens.

I was fortunate enough to be selected for the TFI and General Pants campaign this year! My experience was nothing short of amazing. General Pants had a great professional team working with us and created a comfortable and fun work environment for everyone. 14 students we picked to be a part of this exciting project and we were all spilt into 3 groups where we all spent the day being photographed, filmed and also created our own content.

General Pants had several team members floating throughout all the shoots, my group was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with their stylist Will. Will was so talented and professional; it was great getting to work with him and learning more about styling firsthand and all that goes into it! He also captured arguably my favourite photo of the day, all five of us which was dubbed ‘the 2000s boyband’ group.

Being behind the scenes is no stranger to any fashion student, we love getting to help produce, style and dress but being in front was an exciting new experience. When the day started, I did not feel too confident in front of the camera. My go to pose is usually a smile with the occasional peace sign, not the most ideal for a shoot! Lucky for me I had a great group and the General Pants team members who all helped me feel confident and we got some cool shots in. Thankfully with no peace signs. Although my straight face may also not be as good as Gigi Hadid’s, but I think I am closer to mastering the ‘candid’ look away shot.

After my day with General Pants, I can safely say I will not be attempting to go into the world of modelling and will happily stick to being behind the scenes, but it was such a great experience getting to work with some of the industry’s best and wear General Pants’ amazing clothing range! Their professionalism and kindness are unmatched, it is definitely a day I’ll never forget.

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