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Student Profile: Grace Laycock

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Grace Laycock

1. Tell us a bit about you, and why you decided to study Fashion at TFI?

Hello! My name is Grace, I am a 23yr old beach lovin’, fashion enthusiast. I have my own swimwear label called ‘doux the label’. Which has been my little baby for the past 4 years. From the get-go I have always known I wanted to work in the industry, but living on the south coast, there was little to no opportunities available. Which is one of the reasons why I started my own label.

When Covid first hit, I was working full time in a retail position, whilst still having doux as a side hustle. I was abruptly made redundant (blessing in disguise) from this position. This kick started me to take my career in fashion more seriously, which lead me to apply to TFI.

2. You landed an incredible internship with our friends at The Thoughtful Agency! Can you tell us a little bit more about the process of how this internship came to life?

I was presented with the opportunity to intern at Thoughtful after having a great chat with Bryce, TFI’s Careers Manager. We discussed my career interests & the direction I wanted my career to take. I first had a phone interview with Thoughtful’s General Manager Sarah, which then led to having a trial. I instantly loved the environment and feel for the role. It felt like a natural fit for me.

3. What does a standard internship day look like at The Thoughtful Agency?

For me, each day throughout my internship was so different – there was never just one repeated task. My main role was to provide support to the paid performance team. Through creative ad updates, data analysis & research. Though what I enjoy the most while interning was being given the opportunity to sit in on client meetings/pitches.

4. The Thoughtful Agency are renowned for mentoring their interns in the hopes to one day employ them. How did you find this in comparison to other internships you previously completed?

My internship experience with The Thoughtful Agency in comparison to other internships was miles apart. I felt valued. At the beginning, I was lucky enough to be mentored by Rev, one half of The Thoughtful Agency Founders. Who saw my potential, talent & drive. He put a clear path in place for me to eventually become an employee. Providing me with the resources and training to achieve those goals/expectations.

5. Through this internship, you landed yourself a job with the team! Can you share some advice on how you transitioned your internship into employment?

The transition from being an intern to becoming an employee at Thoughtful was a quick jump for me. What makes Thoughtful one of the leading ecommerce agencies in Australia is their understanding of brand & design. This made me passionate about my role, as my love for ecommerce & fashion was rolled into one. I was willing to learn, put in the time & made myself available to the team. My advice from Interning at The Thoughtful Agency is that you get out of it what you put into it.

6. As an employee (with a recent promotion to an executive!), tell us a little bit more about your role?

As an Account Executive, I assist the Account Managers to drive growth through paid performance channels, such as Google & Facebook ads. Carry out performance-based optimisation tasks, whilst providing weekly client & team support.

7. What’s on the cards for The Thoughtful Agency for the coming months?

The team at The Thoughtful Agency is constantly growing. We have had some amazing new brands join us recently, With Jean being one of them!

Due to covid lockdown here in Sydney, we have been working from home since June. Hopefully in a few months’ time, we can start to all head back into the office.

8. How did The Thoughtful Agency train and support you, leading up to your success?

One of the key reasons why I love being a part of the thoughtful team, is the amount of training and support you receive. Readily available for me was training from leading experts in Australia - in areas such a Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok + more. They prioritise their staff’s wellbeing & mental health, providing weekly meditations and a mental health coach.

9. And finally, where do you see yourself growing internally with the business?

Next on the cards for me at Thoughtful is to become an Account Manager.

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