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Rick Owens Spring 22 Menswear: “A Fog Machine Fantasy”

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Jamay Osborn

Rick is back! After Ricks’ COVID hiatus, Rick has created a mysterious collection with his main inspiration “fog”. This collection is full of purity yet rebelling designs and naughty fabric choices. The collection was shown on scenic Venezia Lido Beach giving the atmosphere a more intimate affair. Rick wanted it to be this way to take people out of the COVID era and into the post-covid era we are now living in, well some of us anyhow.

This collection was a clean white loose flowy collection featuring Ricks’ fab classic kiss boot in a more toned down, loose fitting version. Featuring side pockets for your trusty everyday essential, a mini fog machine as seen in look 14, but you could probably fit a pack of cigarettes in there, to be precise a pack of JPS super king menthols, that’s the only cigarette in my eyes. The clothes features the classic Rick shoulder pad, with beautiful flowing and draping materials with a heavy contrast of sharp harsh lines and big chunky statement chokers as done in an ongoing collaboration with Goosness la Maison, that once designed for the likes of Gabrielle Chanel, Cristóbal Balenciaga and others in the 1950’s. Oops, looks like my fashion nerd came out to play for a second, damn. My highlight of the collection was the playing with textures in a beautiful monochromatic way, from feathers to snakeskin to an unrecognisable oversized scale creature. I’m going to call it dinosaur skin, this has been featured in a bright fun blue in past collections. I just love it, don’t you?

Overall, I found this collection another step inside the beautiful mind of Monsieur Owens, bringing back the much-loved essentials of Ricks’ DNA like the kiss boots, don’t talk to me sunglasses and magnificent rich shoulder pads, which there is nothing wrong with repeating styles just means that I can have them in more colours and skins. Thank you, Rick, for another amazing inspiring collection.

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