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NYFW: Street Style Trend Report

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Ella Sangster

NYFW is back again! Against the backdrop of post-pandemic New York, fashion week street style is as experimental and eccentric as ever. Each season, fashion fans look to the streets outside of fashion week, for styling tips and trend forecasts that can often tell us more than the shows themselves.

This season the street style did not disappoint, and we’ve put together the ultimate report of the top seven trends from NYFW that are set to dominate the post-covid fashion space.

Puffy Sleeves

Maybe it's because we all spent the pandemic binging period dramas (hello, Bridgerton), but puffed sleeves have been a constant on the streets of New York this week.

Bright Colours

It’s no secret that the pandemic was characterised by minimalism. Neutral colours and relaxed looks dominated the fashion scene. Naturally, as the world slowly begins to emerge from the pandemic people are yearning for the opportunity to express themselves and experiment with bold colours. This fashion week, it's all about standing out, and accordingly some of the week’s best street style looks are punchy and bright as can be.

Big-Pants-Little-Top Matching Sets

Taking notes from Y2K-era icons, the little top and big pants formula is proving to be a go-to in New York this week. Taking it one step further, revellers are putting together matching pieces in eclectic patterns and interesting prints.

Clashing Patterns

Patterns on patterns was long an unspoken cardinal sin in fashion, but this NYFW pattern-clashing is an ode to post-pandemic optimism. Pairing animal prints with polka dots, or patchwork with florals, mixing patterns is the perfect way to create an interesting outfit and a sure-fire way to make a statement.

Granddad Chic

In 2020 ‘grandad chic’ reigned as a supreme trend across social media, with sweater vests popularised in both fast and high fashion. If the New York street style is anything to go by, the trend is here to stay as fashionistas take to the city in vintage-inspired knitwear pieces.

Plaid and Check

Inspired by 90’s nostalgia and resurging grunge aesthetics, plaid and check looks were a staple across NYFW. From tailored suits to school-girl style skirts, plaid prints have been seen on a variety of garments this week in a multitude of both monochrome and eccentric colour combinations.

Miniest of Miniskirts

Paris Hilton famously declared that miniskirts “should be the size of a belt.” Her words clearly resonated with a host of revellers this fashion week, with the miniest of mini skirts everywhere on the streets of New York. Paired with anything from knee-high boots to Crocs, the mini-skirt is sure to be a versatile closet staple for the coming season, regardless of location or climate.

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