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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Creativity is contagious, Pass it on”


Words by Vivienne Lee

The Met Gala.

MY favourite fashion event of the year, YOUR favourite fashion event of the year and EVERYONE’s favourite fashion event is, for the first time in decades, cancelled. The beautiful night highlighting the pinnacle of several designers worn by amazing celebrity stars will be missed. The current world situation has forced its close upon The Met and therefore the Met Gala will not go forward. As unfortunate as it is, I am so excited to take part in the new online competition hosted by The Fashion Institute, #NoMetNoWorries.

When I heard about this competition, I immediately channelled my inner avant-garde self and started brainstorming.

The Met Gala is something I totally adore and an event I have always dreamed of attending. The way in which the most luxury designers around the world create and display their creativity upon the most extravagant red-carpet entrance to the ball is mind-blowing.

This online social media competition, #NoMetNoWorries, created by The Fashion Institute came about to have a little fun and excitement in the comfort of our own homes, in light of The Met Gala 2020 being cancelled. This competition is calling our inner Alexander Wang, Christian Dior or Tommy Hilfiger.


Entry is simple. Create your own Met Gala inspired outfit out of household items and post it to your Instagram with the tags @thefashioninstitute and #NoMetNoWorries. You can use anything from your bed quilt to the chandelier hanging in the lounge room. Create your own outfit or try and replicate one from previous Met Galas. Each post acts as an entry into the running of the grand prize selected by Special Guest Judge Anthony Capon, Winner of Project Runway Australia and designer of Et Al Australia.

Upon hearing about this competition, I began racking my brain trying to think of what I could make. I was thinking bed sheets, toilet paper, garbage bags, pillows, foil, gladwrap and towels. Then I started bringing pieces together, trust me once you start you can’t stop. I was on a roll. Idea after idea came flooding in and I was taking photos in every corner of the house all week, with my personal photographer (my little brother).


Brainstorm your creative ideas and even look at past Met Gala outfits if you need a reference. If you’re trying to replicate an iconic Met Gala outfit from over the years, think of similar colours you could use. If it was a blue dress, grab a blue bed sheet. If it was a gigantic headpiece, think of a towel on your head. Anything is possible.

Layer up! One thing we know about the Met Gala is that designers either go big or go home so layer all your household items. Have a base layer to wear such as a t-shirt or a mini dress and then layer on top your towels, blankets, table cloths and there you have it, a full-blown ball gown.

The Most Over the Top Outfits we’ve seen at the MET Over the Years

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