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Interning at KITX

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Aisha Alvarez

Ever since I started my first internship at KITX, each Monday I try to jot down the most valuable information that I learn throughout the day. I’m always clutching onto my TFI diary, making sure I don’t miss even the most minor comments my supervisor makes to her team. Somehow my notes still turn into madness and I end up not being able to read my own handwriting! Thankfully, I’ve been given the opportunity to piece my journey together and I couldn’t be more excited share my experience with you all!

My admiration and slight obsession with KITX began way before TFI presented this opportunity to me. I vividly remember 16-year-old me saving up all my coins to buy the latest tassel skirt Mimi Elashiry was wearing on Instagram in 2016. $200 shorts and many pleading conversations with Dad later, I finally made my first purchase from KITX. Fast forward to now, I’m 1 pay check away from affording the dreamiest silk velvet dress that I’ve had my eye on from the moment I started!

Aside from adoring all of KITX’S garments, what inspired me to choose this company as my first internship experience is their unwavering endeavour to produce, preach and promote sustainable fashion.

Between us, I’ve always been quite overwhelmed by the unsettling statistics that surround fast fashion, and as cliché as it sounds, ignorance is bliss! It wasn’t until KITX, that I stopped avoiding those hard truths and started reading into the affects fast fashion has on our environment and our workers.

Since becoming a little more informed, every Monday I observe the small, conscious choices that my supervisor Liz, makes to minimise her impact on the environment. I’ve silently enjoyed noticing that she uses both sides of the sticky notes and clicks the double-sided print option every time... without fault! What has been even more rewarding, is watching the design team source ethical, natural materials and make use of old ones too!

What sets KITX apart from other brands is their relentless strive to remain at the forefront of sustainable fashion. Their boutique in Sydney is where all the magic happens, and it has been a complete privilege to witness the team embody the company’s core values in everything that they do. I owe a lot of thanks to KITX for widening my knowledge about an issue that requires effective change and immediate improvements. By imparting my experience, I hope that I can inspire someone to choose change, like KITX have done for me!

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