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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Tahlia McVie

For almost 50 years, General Pants Co. has cultivated fashion within Australia by consistently challenging the norm. They have over 50 stores around Australia and New Zealand and an online store that ships globally. For years now, GP has been one of my favourite brands ever.

In August, I was lucky enough to be offered an internship with General Pants Co. across a 5-week period. Myself and four other TFI students worked closely with Jade Dunwoody, the Head of Social, and Hannah Chou, the Social Media Content Manager via Zoom as the team were still working from home at this point in time. This internship was unlike any other I’ve done – we helped bring to life a few of GP’s campaigns, and were given a lot of creative freedom. Some of the campaigns include Subtitled Fleece, Subtitled Swim and One Teaspoon. We helped brainstorm ideas for brand launches, created mood boards and content briefs for influencers, helped the team decide which images from campaign shoots should be in the front windows of the stores nation wide, and drafted questions that the influencers would be asked for GP’s Instagram captions.

Jade and Hannah were both extremely supportive of all of our ideas and really valued and took on board our input, which made us all feel really accomplished and appreciated. Not long after the internship concluded, all of the campaigns went live. It is such an incredible feeling seeing campaigns that you have assisted with on GP’s socials

and in store. A lot of the influencers that I suggested for the campaigns were used – I was so excited to see the content that they created based off the mood boards I made. Their content looked amazing and I felt really proud of myself knowing that I helped such a big brand with some really big campaigns.

A few weeks following the internship, I was offered an opportunity to assist with a social shoot for GP. Since the internship was over Zoom, I was super excited to meet the team in person. The shoot was at a beautiful location in Cronulla, and the entire team was so nice. The photographer, Kristina Yenko, took absolutely incredible shots, and Hannah ran the shoot really well and made sure everything got done quickly and perfectly.

Above: Influencer Brandon Kilgour was one of the Influencers I suggested for the campaign!

Above: Brandon Kilgour featured in the General Pants Co. campaign I assisted on.

My dream is to work on the social team at General Pants Co. one day in the future, as they are all so amazing at what they do and create some really incredible campaigns. I am so grateful for The Fashion Institute and General Pants for providing me with this opportunity!

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