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Fashion, Television, and the Future of the two

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Georgie Blank

The fashion we see on our favorite television shows characters can influence how we dress. Prime examples of television crossing over into the fashion world include: Gossip Girl’sBlair Waldorf single handily making headbands a trend, Sex in the Cityputting Manolo Blahnik shoes on the map, and although this is a beauty rather than a fashion trend, it would be remised for me not to include Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friendswho created a hair style that went on to influence a generation of women to get “The Rachel”.

HBO’s Euphoria is undoubtedly 2020’s most fashion influenced show. Despite Euphoria premiering in 2019, the show has taken new heights in 2020, becoming a viral trend on TikTok and YouTube to recreate outfits and make up looks from the show. The shows leading actress Zendaya made headlines for becoming the youngest person to win an Emmy.

An article on VOGUE Australia titled “Will Euphoria become a shoppable show?discusses Euphora’s Costume Designer Heidi Bivens, who recently gave an interview to Fashion Designer Raffaella Hanley of Lou Dallas, foreshadowing the future of Euphoria potentiality becoming a shoppable show: “A shoppable show has never really been done before. It’s almost like seeing something on the screen and being able to purchase it is the new experiential shopping. Barney’s and Opening Ceremony of the world are no more. We have less opportunity to walk into a store whether it’s because of a pandemic or the state of the fashion industry. This could be a new time of experience.”

There hasn’t been any official confirmation that Euphoria will become a shoppable show. However, I believe this is an interesting concept that should be carried out. Creating an immersive experience for audiences by having a shoppable catalogue drop at the end of each episode or season would allow for businesses to directly profit from having their outfits being feature on the show.

This could potentiality combat fast-fashion labels creating copy-cat looks. Furthermore, making Euphoria a shoppable show could place up-and-coming designers on the map. With Euphora’s demographic being more inclined with the Gen Z audience, this could also be a brilliant opportunity to profile younger designers too

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