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Depop Further Involves their Community: Introducing Depop’s User-Friendly Campaign

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Elise Stavely

When Simon Beckerman founded Depop in 2011, the idea was to build an online platform where users could “buy, sell, discover, and explore the most inspiring and unique things.”The digital fashion marketplace is used to not only access unique fashion, but as an alternative to purchasing fast-fashion by purchasing second-hand items. On the app, users can create their own digital storefront by posting their own clothing and accessories for sale.

Users can also communicate with others through the social shopping platform where they can like products and interact with sellers by using the message tool to ask questions. Similar to Instagram, you can also use Depop’s Explore Page to access clothing tailored to your style based on Depop listings you interact with.

Recently, the app has launched a campaign involving their community which “showcases the diversity that runs through Depop, where everyone is the norm and everyone has a place." as spoken by Tanzyn, a top seller on Depop. Depop called upon 4 people from their community of Australian sellers to be the faces of the campaign including Tanzyn (@premiumzoo) and Stasia (@stasiavalencia).Stasia explained that it gave her the opportunity to “share her love for vintage fashion and express my (her) creativity worldwide”.

The campaign aligns with Depop’s vision of empowering a strong and inspiring future of fashion. Depop Australia's Country Manager, Aria Wigneswaran stated that “There’s so much incredible fashion and creativity happening already across Australia, so our focus here is to champion and celebrate our community of creatives to show the rest of the world what they’re all about”. 

The campaign will be run nationally across digital billboards at over 100 university and tertiary campuses along with key locations for their Gen Z demographic. It will be viewed digitally by an international audience through their frequented social channels: TikTok and Snapchat.  Wigneswaran explained that “By showcasing our sellers in environments where they already exist tells our current and future Depop community that we’re here to represent them,". Further demonstrating the company championing and celebrating their community of young creatives.

To see more from the campaign, visit Depop which you can download today from the App Storeand Google Play, or have access via desktop at

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