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Bossy Boots!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Stephanie Kapsimalis

The worlds current regime of staying indoors, social distancing and finding new ways to get creative at home is something none of us have experienced before. However, this global pandemic hasn’t put an end to one of my favourite activities. In fact, it’s only made me feel more guilty every time I look at my bank account!

Ever since I was 14 years old, I have passionately researched the latest trends from all International fashion weeks throughout each year — both Fall/Winter collections (my personal favourite seasons), and of course Spring/Summer. I have made collages, Pinterest boards, I’ve watched probably every behind the scenes YouTube video of fashion week there is! and of course, like many people, I’ve made a never-ending wish-list of trends and staples I hope to one day own and afford in my wardrobe!

If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ — which is a must-watch chic-flick! You may possibly agree with me in saying that staying at home during isolation has definitely turned me into an online shopaholic, and yes, here I am confessing it!  

Like everyone else, I’m also stuck at home trying to figure out this new way of life. However, with all the time I have, I’ve continued browsing through the internet, reading online blogs and articles on Vogue, and I immediately fell in love with this particular latest, must-have Autumn/Winter staple — knee-high statement boots!

The fashion worlds' fixation with statement boots is no means new, but the obsession has raced to a new level.

A wave of statement boots have arrived as an Autumn/Winter 2020 staple and we shouldn’t be complaining! The 60s have to be one of the chicest era’s of fashion, giving birth to trends we only wish we could see now. If you have a fondness of nostalgic styles like me, you’ll defiantly be embracing the return of the go-go boot in refreshing colour-ways, textures and modern 21st-century styles.

Statement boots have been acknowledged across all International Fall/Winter 2020 fashion weeks earlier this year. Balmain, Valentino, Tod’s and Hermès stuck between the darker colour-ways of strong black and chocolate brown boots across their runways. However, Balenciaga and Moschino strongly juxtaposed their ideas, creating exaggerated textures, designs and colours throughout their collection of knee-high boots, definitely making them an unforgettable statement. 

This bold silhouette is most certainly staging a comeback, both in ultra-leather designs and slouchier styles. The boot can be styled up or down, paired with a midi dress or a fierce over-sized blazer. Whilst also being easily slipped over a pair of classic skinny jeans as a go-to look. Colours can vary from monotone black and whites, to warm browns or striking yellows and reds. Textures can also differ from faux croc to smooth suedes.

The knee-high statement boot is giving polished dressing a refreshingly comfortable twist, and with the perks of online shopping precisely at our fingertips! Having this Autumn/Winter staple in our very own wardrobe is as easily accessible as we thought.

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