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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Word by Melina Perezous

There’s something about being part of fashion events and shows that I will never get enough of. They bring a certain type of energy that nothing else can give you, like meeting models with different looks and stories and ofcourse the fast paced environment behind the scenes where everyone is running around and making sure the show runs smoothly.

I had gotten an email from Bryce who was on the lookout for backstage dressers for the BONDI BORN Spring/Summer Show and I don’t think I could have typed ‘I’m interested’ any faster than I did.

We were asked to be there at 7am, so that meant I had to wake up at 5:30am... and let me tell you, I am not a morning person at all, so when I agree to waking up this early - you know I’m serious about it.

I caught an Uber to the location of the show which was Bathers Pavilion in Balmoral and the stunning waterside location with a view of Balmoral Beach took my breath away.

The early morning calm and peaceful vibes of the area quickly changed to a fast paced and busy environment as soon as I got inside the pavilion.

There were makeup and hair stylists setting up their equipment, event managers going through the schedule, cars arriving filled with clothes that will be in the show and I was asked to help tape shoes along with the other dressers. There was so much going on, but instead it being stressful, you could see the excitement in everyone’s faces.

After we taped all the shoes, we were on a mission to steam all the clothes that will be in the show. These included beautiful silk blends and linen resort clothes alongside classic bikini and one piece styles... they were to die for!

Halfway through steaming, the models arrived to start on makeup and hair and that’s when the vibe changed again, the music got louder and the show was close to starting. The event manager ran us through which models had multiple looks throughout the show and since there were only 4 of us, we had to dress multiple models making sure that they would walk in time.

We start dressing the models for their first look of the show and after that it was a blur! A blur filled with undressing and dressing, making sure the right model wears their assigned outfit, giving them the right shoes etc.

I dressed so many beautiful models, all with different nationalities and looks and every model suited their Bondi Born outfit. The outfits were also incredible, with beautiful colours including burnt orange, lilac and sage. The hats and accessories complimented the outfits so well!

It was definitely an adrenaline rush, but before I knew it the show was over and we all had started packing up.

Looking at all the photos and videos from the show that were posted by Vogue, I felt very proud to be part of this beautiful show in such a beautiful location.

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