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A Night Out With TFI

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Words by Ella Minett

Coming up to nearly one semester of studying at The Fashion Institute, I am constantly amazed by everything we get to be a part of as students. From the amazing trainers, the beautiful campus and the countless opportunities we are offered as students at The Fashion Institute, we are truly beyond lucky to be students at TFI. However, this week I was reminded of one of the best and most invaluable aspects of studying at TFI, and that is the amazing memories made with my fellow students who have become lifelong friends.

On the night of Wednesday the 9th of June, TFI students were treated to a fabulous night out organised by Bryce, our Communications and Careers Manager. It involved an hour of private shopping at Glue Store and an exclusive screening of the new film ‘Cruella’. It’s safe to say when I first received Bryce’s email and saw the words ‘shopping’ ‘movie’ and ‘snacks’ I instantly RSVP'D.

I spent the week looking forward to the night out and was eager to pick up a few bargains at Glue with our generous 30% discount, but mostly to have fun outside the college with my fellow students and make some new friends.

The shopping experience at Glue was my favourite part of the evening. As you can imagine, when you give a group of fashion students an hour to roam around a store together there is bound to be nothing but antics, fun… and a lot of purchases made.

After hyping each other up in the fitting rooms and putting a significant dent in our bank accounts, it was then time to head upstairs for phase 2 of the night. We were treated to popcorn on arrival that we snacked on as we eagerly waited for the movie to start. As a huge Disney fan, I could not wait to watch ‘Cruella’ and it certainly lived up to the anticipation. In the true style of a fashion student, when the movie ended, we all raved about the costumes in the film and discussed our favourite of Cruella’s looks.

On the train ride home, still reeling with excitement from the night, couldn’t help the huge grin on my face as I thought about how grateful I am for the amazing friends I have made from my journey with The Fashion Institute and all the great memories that are still to be made.

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